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The polarity of our feelings


We must always be aware that negative feelings only exist in our intentions.
Even those feelings that could be defined as negative have within them the negative, positive and neutral polarity just like everything else.
If we take jealousy as an example, we are inclined to see it as a negative vibration, but actually it is our intention that makes it negative, positive or neutral.
It could be positive, as it invites us to reflect on why we are suffering and in consequence acquire a better knowledge of ourselves.
We can be jealous through feeling insecure, arrogant, or possessive or something else, and when we question ourselves about the reason for these feelings, we are improving our self –knowledge.
It would be neutral when we acknowledge our jealous feelings, but consider them unimportant.
It would be negative if we use these feelings to create situations, ways of acting and thinking that harm first ourselves and then other people.
So as negative feelings do not exist, we must look within the sentiment that we feel is negative, the positive part.
When we are not able to get out of a situation, or a feeling or a vibration we are judging as negative, it is because we are not seeing it as a vibration but as an emanation of our personality.
Then the jealousy becomes a fact and not a vibration, and we reason with our personality and not with the feeling that has produced the vibration.
We can defuse the negative mechanism by withdrawing with great love into ourselves.
Otherwise, we become obsessed with the facts which our personality has created in such a way that we cannot perceive the vibration or a way out, and we just abandon ourselves to the Mind’s reasoning: I am jealous and have every reason to be so. I am not interested in understanding; I only want to justify these feelings and my behaviour.
This mechanism will make you feel worse, and you will not be able to get out of this situation.
All that you can do now is a great act of Humility. Make yourself very small, understand that Life is not punishing you, it wants you to understand why this feeling is making you suffer; search for the positive pole of jealousy, and you will learn something about yourself.

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