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The Positive Thought

Many Things have been said in these Last Years about the New Energy that we can see in a different Light, living them in Another Way.
We have been Urged to see Everything Positively, we have been Afraid to attract Negative Situations Mentally, and we have elaborated Doctrines and Philosophies producing Many Conditionings that are NOW called into question.
How has all this happened?
Because “feeling” the Situation is different to understanding and the desire to adapt to what has been understood, without having “felt” it.
Let us take an example of the Positive Thought.
Here we need a Premise: when I speak of Positive and Negative, I do Not necessarily refer to Good and Bad, but simply to the Polarity, Positive and Negative with their specific Characteristics.
In the Positive Polarity the Frequency is the Creator, there is an Adherence to the Interior Programming, and the Individual who is permeated with this and lives in Conformity to it, is facilitated by Solutions that come from Life itself.
In the Negative Polarity everything is more heavy going, because the Vibration depends, or refers to the Personality without any Chance of creating, and it lives only basing itself on the Logic of Mental Reasoning, so Solutions are searched for, and often they are burdensome and obscure.
If I am born with the Positive Thought activated in Me I cannot do anything but always see the Bottle Half Full.
I can be made to undergo All the possible Reasoning to make me see it Half Empty, but I will continue to see it Half Full.
In the Same Way, if I think that it is Half Empty, whatever kind of Reasoning that is Proposed to me, I will always see it Half Empty.
This is the basic idea of Positive and Negative that is innate in our Energy.
Let us say that each one of us can be found on a Certain Frequency Level:
As Life goes on and knowing Ourselves better, we mature the Ability to adhere to Facts, and above all to the Results coming from the Facts.
Therefore if you think that a Certain Situation must go well and instead it doesn’t, I can convince myself that it is not worth being Positive, because anyway everything always goes wrong.
These types of People usually have a Life signed by Adversity, Complications, Negative Facts, as their Negative Polarity attracts exactly this type of Situation. Being on the Negative Track, all that they attract is Negativity.
It can happen however that at a certain Point in their Lives, they come into contact with people who are on the Positive Track, so even in unclear, Complicated Situations or Disaster, they are able to see the Positive side of the Event, in other words the lesson within the Situation.
For example: faced with a Failure you cannot find the Positive at an Earthly Level, but you can find it at an Energetic Level, taking on what you have learnt through that Experience.
Observing those who live with the Positive Polarity makes you ask yourself Questions.
Why does That person have such a trouble free Life?
Why does she always manage to resolve Situations?
We must not slip into the Banality of considering Everything in Terms of Good or Bad luck: we simply speak of Polarity.
A person who is in the Positive Polarity can also have Improper Situations, but she will be able to face them and live them as Lessons.
Vice -versa, the Person in the Negative Polarity will live them as ulterior confirmation, that she is always and only attracting Disaster and Difficult ordeals, and therefore she cannot even find the Solution.
These two types of People when coming into Contact, can also have an Exchange of Information, but generally it does not happen because the Personality refutes it: the Positive cannot recognise the Negative, just as the Negative will judge the Person who lives adhering to herself, as stupid.
Here we are still on the Level of Thought and the Old Frequency.
For Many Years this way of Being and Living Situations has given rise to many Schools of Thoughts, among them principally, that the Positive Thought completely annuls the Negative Part, and wants us to believe that the Moment we always think Positively, we are immune to Problems. We do not attract them any more: Life flows happily because we are in the Positive Thought.
Nevertheless, these Ideas are not supported by Reality.
Our Mind has absorbed them and Practised them, forcing itself to find the Positive in every Situation.
However this is Reasoning with the Mind and not “feeling”.
Positive “feeling” happens when I feel Part of Life, when I feel Life, when I feel that I am a Cell of a Body – I am Life, I am Evolution, I am God.
As such I can live the Positive or the Neutral, but I do not want to live the Negative, or activate it within me.
I need the Neutral in certain Moments of Energetic Overflow or Emptiness, but always with the desire to live the Positive Part, as this is the Positive Part of Life, of Evolution, of the Divine, it is the Part of Love that has the Possibility of creating, and all this the Negative Part does not have.
Then I will be Positive with all my might, and have no other Way to relate to Life but be permeated by This Vibration of Love and Creativity.
As long as I am forced to think Positively because Others have made me do it, telling me that in this Way I would have
An easy Life, I will always have Doubts.
I will feel even stupid when, Faced with Certain Enormous Situations, they will try to force me to Search for the Positive with my Mind.
If instead I feel Part of Life, I do not even judge those Situations, but Simply accept them and even if I can’t find the Positive, I will be in Peace because it is not up to me to always find Explanations based on a Logical Concept accepted by my Mind.
Instead of staying on a Mental Level, I must accept what is happening, and put my trust in Life that will help me to understand the Reason why I attracted that precise Event.

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