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The Power of the “Last”

“Last” A word often used in a Derogatory Way, without a Suggestion of Charity or Understanding.
“Last”, splendid Reality given to Humanity to persuade it to Reflect.
In the Essence of “last” there is often the Summary of Experiences Lived with Great Involvement and Great Sensibility.
Not always (actually very rarely) These Experiences are inserted into the Winning Logic of Society, the one that “Dictates the Rules”.
Tending to the “Last” ones, will be a Challenge to oneself, by catalysing one’s Interior Resources, and adapting one’s Personal Thoughts in the” effort” to Understand the Thoughts of the “Last” Ones.
A difficult course of action but Fundamental for the Evolution Of Humanity.
Now Humanity is “establishing it ” in the New Paradigms and the Understanding of the “Last” in its own Paradigm which will make Older Paradigms “precipitate” and become Obsolete.
Putting yourself in Harmony with the “Last” will have an “effect” on your Personal Certainties: it means to Immerse yourself in Humility, and get involved in Mental Journeys and a Life that will be diverse from what you are used to.
We must Force ourselves to see every Single Being as a Bearer of Truth, of “segments” of a Truth that possibly are not part of us, but we are not authorised anyway to exclude them from the New Paradigm, that Earth is Consolidating with the Help of Everyone.
To Understand that Every Single Being shares equal Dignity in Front of the Divine, and leads us not to act as Judges, but urges us to broaden Our Sensitivity until we are able to absorb Other Truths and Other Perceptions.
It is the Cohesion of various Sensitivities that Form a New Paradigm, where All fluctuates, where there are no Preconceived Judgements, where the “Other” – and above all the “Last” ones are seen and experienced as Bearers of Stimulus and Sensitivity and act in the Advancement of our Empathy.
To Respect and Love the “Last” is not only a Duty, but is the principal Gateway for us to insert Ourselves into the Evolutionary Stream, which will bring us to living Completely the New Paradigm.



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