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To Love Oneself 2

Let us go back and talk about loving oneself.
To love oneself, as a Cell of a marvellous Body.
To love oneself, as an instrument of Evolution.
This Premise is very important because if we want to love ourselves with our Personality and our Ego, we risk Egoism.
Vice versa, if our Love is considered as a Cell in a perfect Body, so that we make Choices in defence of our Instinct and what we feel is right for us, then we really love ourselves.
What a lot of Confusion exists over this Topic! It is easy to believe that this way of loving oneself could also mean, to sometimes make others suffer, or to favour oneself, could lead to a form of Egoism.
These are all Considerations that deserve Respect and Reflection. However one needs to profoundly understand the Sense of these Reflections, concentrating above all on the meaning of this Statement: “ I will never do anything to Hurt someone else by making Choices for my Wellbeing, unless it is my Intention to Hurt that person”
In actual fact, before really doing it, the Hurtfulness is done with the Intention.
So if I have NO Intention to be Hurtful to someone, then I have not been Hurtful.
Instead I am giving the other person an Opportunity to understand himself, to make a Journey within himself, to achieve Clarity about himself through something Painful, or a Problem, even a Difficult Situation that comes from me.
I am also giving the other person the Possibility to love himself, accepting the Ordeal that comes from Life through me.
If Life forces on me “Choices” that I feel appropriate to me, it is obvious that I am not trying to Hurt other people, I am simply offering them something to think about.
The most important Aspect- subtle and also debatable-of loving oneself, concerns the Choices the human being must do to keep and to extend the Good he intends to generate within himself.
We are inclined to always cogitate about important Events, fundamental for our Lives, but Vibrations are nourished by small Events, meetings and Situations even insignificant ones that we attract in our Lives, because through them we Need to emit the vibrations that our Energy needs.
So don’t discuss only the big Events but the Daily ones, about Love, which we must emit to ourselves while doing the Daily Chores.
The first thing we nuts avoid is to feel that these Chores are burdensome.
If we feel them as a burden, then this must make us think: we wanted that Task, it was our Decision?
We insisted to the bitter end, even if the Signs from Life were to move away from that Task?
If the Reply is yes, then we must not complain, because we have worked to the utmost to have that Task in our Life, therefore the consequences are ours.
If the answer is no, it means that it is a Task that Life wants us to do, so if we complain we are insulting Life.
We are Life, the superior Part of us that guides us and knows what is good for us.
Therefore, in any case the first fundamental thing is to not refuse the Tasks that seem most difficult, but accept them because they are full of Lessons for us.
To Love ourselves means first of all, putting ourselves and what we “feel within us” before everything and everyone. Following what our Energy suggests, the most profound Sensations that always guide us in our Choices.
We must not force these Choices on other people, but wait for Life to clarify and offer them.
Then it will all be simple, because Life knows why we must make a certain Journey, it knows because it suggested that Road to us in such a pressing way. Life prepares the right Time and Ways, so that others are not damaged, and there is a Lesson for everyone: for us and for the others.
It is easy to love ourselves when we become very small, when we do not need to defend our Personality, Ideas and our Ego, but we are totally open to Life’s Lessons.
The Purpose of these Teachings is to improve ourselves, to help us to upgrade our understanding of our Needs – especially the energetic ones – and where there is Disharmony, create Harmony.
The more wearisome it is for us, the more laborious and obscure, the more we are learning.
To welcome lessons from Life means to really love ourselves, to be able to feel ourselves as a Cell of a perfect Body, and have abandoned the Personality that cannot accept certain Lessons, that refuses to change, that wishes whatever it costs to preserve certain Mental patterns.
To love ourselves, to make ourselves small, deliberating about the Results of our actions, without feeling guilty or Victims, but aware that what we might consider Errors are simply important Experiences, sometimes traumatic, but necessary to our Lives.
To Love ourselves means to welcome and accept ourselves as we are, without conforming to the wishes of others or of Society, but by accepting unconditionally our Being.
None of us are in the wrong: to feel so is an Insult to Life.
We must always be willing to give the Best of ourselves in the opportunities we really have, and not what we would like to have.
We must make ourselves so small that we are able to “glide” through Adversities without seeing them as rocks that ruin our Lives that slow down our Progress towards Success, our personal Recognition and the Affirmation of our Personality.
We have to make ourselves small to avoid the Traps that the Mind continually puts in our path: false Humility, obvious Pride,
Victimising always ready to attack us, Faults we are always searching for in other people and in other situations.
WE must absolutely avoid these traps, and it is easy of we let ourselves flow with Simplicity in Life.
There are no insuperable Problems: Life would never give us such Difficulties.
There are Problems that stress us simply because we cannot find the Solution, but that happens because we don’t use the right approach.
We want to find them rationally. Psychologically, neglecting the energetic Part, which is the correct Key for finding Solutions.
Never let us refuse what Life offers us: this is the first Requirement to love ourselves, because in this way we Recognise that Life has the Task of Guiding us on our Path, and we submit to it’s Superiority compared to the Mind and so, making ourselves small and following what Life offers to us, we will be immune from Errors.
Let us look for the Lesson in Events, not who is Guilty, or why it has happened.
These are easy Concepts that allow the Flowing of a Harmonious Life.
These same Concepts become complicated if we want to analyse them only with the Mind, and don’t feel them right: instead we must recognise the function of a Guide that Life has.
Life must guide us, and we must follow it.
Following it means to follow our Instinct, putting ourselves in front of everything else: not for Arrogance, for Pride or Egoism, but simply by having a beneficial Love towards ourselves.


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