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To Take Stock of the Situation


We will divide the following writing into two parts: one will be taking stock of the general situation; where is humanity going in this present moment; and the other part concerns you being called on to take stock of your personal situation.
Why? Because the Forces on Earth are involving society, and therefore each one of you is included too.
At this moment, you are permeated by an extremely powerful mass of Forces….they come from other planets, from the entire Universe, and they are urging you to bring out the best of your inner selves. The best that is not filtered through your personality, your Ego, your expectations. One of the things that makes humankind unsatisfied, is their expectations.
The expectation is the mother of delusion. Always remember this. The only valid and just expectation that should permeate you, is to always expect the best from Life.
Absolutely yes, but do not focus on it as a target, you must simply want the best, because through this you can have experiences that make you vibrate more in Harmony with yourselves, and above all, in harmony with the divine. The best is not always favorable for you, sometimes the best can be heavy-going, difficult, demanding experiences, that catch you off guard.
However, this is not Life being wicked, or our stupidity that has attracted this type of experience. It is simply that our Energy needs this experience, because through it we can reach Harmony, and make an evolutionary step forward. Many times we have been told, that in every situation the solution can be found. Life cannot discourage it’s children, if it did, it would discourage itself.
In situations, there are always solutions, it is important that we do not worry about finding them, but be conscious that Life loves us, this gives us the ability to overcome certain tests so that we can know ourselves better, and bring out the best of ourselves. The best or the worst of a person is revealed, when he is faced with difficulties. If we manage to bring out the best if us, it is then transmuted into Joy, into the understanding of ourselves, and it creates a vibrational state in harmony with Life, which allows us to flow without obstacles in our path.
This is a particular moment that we are living, we are being asked by the Forces to take stock of our inner situation.
Never as in this moment would it be right to say, “Your sins will find you out” Clarity is necessary. NOW, let there be clarity within us. Breathe deeply, relax.
Let’s take stock of the situation, put it as a point at the beginning of a line, after that there is our Life, how we have lived, the moments we are living. Let’s direct out thoughts NOW, to what leaves us unsatisfied, that uneasiness that sometimes torments us, sometimes leaves us serene, and often returns even stronger.
There is a reason for this uneasiness; is it work, love, health, family, friends, society? So what makes us uneasy? It has a name: yours. You are the cause of the uneasiness, because you are not able to deal with situations in the right way.
NOW, after the point on that line, we’ll put the uneasiness, then your name, or you can put the word EGO. The EGO is the architect of this uneasiness. The uneasiness is to make you have a better understanding of how you function. You are being conditioned by the uneasiness in you, and do not know how to deal with it.
Let’s go on, and always breathing deeply, try to lose yourselves in Lightness. That uneasiness has made us understand something about ourselves, it seems a heavy burden to put up with, often impossible to overcome, but it becomes absolutely relevant if we relate it to the Universe. We are just experiencing a brief moment of our earthly Lives. We can keep it within ourselves, just until it has clearly given us the stimulus to understand ourselves better. Through uneasiness, we have understood what is missing, what we must aspire to, so then we understand ourselves better.
At this point, you MUST become lighter, uneasiness has come into our Lives, and given us what we needed. If we keep it within ourselves, we become victims, feel treated badly with no way out. With Lightness we can go beyond it. NOW we are beyond our Ego, we flow lightly in the stream of Life.
We are a tiny brilliant point, full of information. NOW let us take stock of this information. There are things that we believe in, things we refuse, and things that make us doubtful. Let’s make a promise especially to ourselves: WE WANT TO BE HAPPY. Then all that we believe in, all that we doubt, all that gives us a reason to think, will not be able to destroy our Happiness. A Happiness that is fruit of research, curiosity, desire to understand and doubts too, but always with Happiness.
Or shall we say with Joy, a sentiment so dear to Francesco: a perfect Joy. If I believe in something and it gives me Joy, there is no point in changing it. I must only recognize that through different situations, different ways of thinking and living, other people have received Joy too. If I am in a perfect state of Joy, I must respect the Joy of others.
The most important situations are those that make us doubt, because they urge us to know and understand more, to put more information within us.
We must not doubt other people: we must only doubt the information that does not seem right for us. Often information can be very precious, because it can open new horizons for us, that we were unaware of before. NOW our attention must go beyond the first point. Having doubts in discussions, and being open to other ideas, makes us take an evolutionary step forward. I have spoken of Lightness, I have asked you to feel light because we are part of the Whole, a cell of one perfect and harmonious body.
Allowing ourselves to flow, we have everything we need: information arrives to gladden our Lives, to make it more constructive, not to make us live in anguish. A doubt is there only to stimulate you, not to make you suffer. NOW our attention goes beyond the initial point and touches a most important part of how we live: our relationship with others. We are the others, they are us because we are permeated by the same Forces that pass through us all the time, the same Forces that are in my atoms, in your atoms….We are all the same Force.
The other person comes to me because I have attracted him, my vibrational ability attracts that person and that situation: My atoms receive something more through the other person. It is through another person that I get to know myself better, and deepen this knowledge, and it is always through someone else that I have the chance of emitting vibrations that otherwise I would not be able to.
It is the Energy that dominates us, our Energy that wants to vibrate more and more with the divine. Our Energy wants to overcome all our mental constructions, which become cages for us: we are slaves of these mental constructions. Our Energy wants to be free, flow in a harmonious way. It wants us to feel that we are a harmonious part of the Universe; therefore it wants us to remove all the difficulties and obstacles in our Lives.
I say again, that the other person is a part of us: we are us at different levels, with different vibrations, and speaking of the personality – with different sensibilities, but the Universal Force is the same for everyone, it flows through us all in the same way. NOW let us put a question mark instead of a full stop, to close this parenthesis. The future? What is waiting for us tomorrow?
At his point all the anxiety, troubled thoughts, expectations, fears come back…..and we lose our Lightness. So, let us remove the question mark and put an exclamation mark: we decide that must be our future. Do not let us weigh the future down with “wanting” and expecting things to happen…….If this happens I’m going to be happy, and let’s hope the situation turns out like this….
NO. After the question mark we are going to put just one word: HUMILITY.
We are very small, but in this small essence there is the power to be great: we must use this power of greatness, because we are saturated with it, we are part of this power, we must never separate ourselves from it, or forget. True authentic HUMILITY exists when we know we are cells of a perfect body. Each one of us is used in accordance to the Laws coming from the Universe’s Intelligence, not from the Mind.
Our body’s cells know exactly what they have to do, and if none of them rebel, then the body is perfect and healthy. The same is asked of us: don’t ask for anything unless it is Harmony, that comes to us when we vibrate in unison with all the Universe. Only through Humility can we reach the state of Fluidity, Harmony, Lightness, absence of Fear and Anxiety.
Humility doesn’t make us small, meaning ignorant, miserable beings of little value: it makes us great, because we are Aware of being divine. The divine within us, cannot express itself on a high harmonious level, if we continually force it into our various roles, our Ego, our need to be something to show off to others. NO! We are not appearances, roles, caricatures of what we should be.
When we reach the state of Being, we will perceive Life, other people, and events, everything that surrounds us, as signs of the divine. No one is called on to contend with difficulties he is not able to deal with: even events that seem to crush us, have within them the solution and the Force, to be able to deal with them. Only if we are an active part of the divine can we find the solution and the Force. Therefore our divinity must not be impeded by the cage of the personality, which often we find convenient, but creates an obstacle to how we live.
The word Humility should be surrounded by exclamation marks, garlands of flowers and ringing bells: it must be something joyful.
To live with Humility active within us, must be something that gives us a feeling of Euphoria, because it means that we have understood our place in the Universe. Because we have understood the reason we are here on this planet Earth, because it means that we have removed from our Minds all the diatribe that only reinforces our Ego.
We have nothing to lose by living with Humility: we only lose Anxiety, Fear, Arrogance, Self-importance, which inevitably lead to insecurity. If we do not understand the value of Humility, we continuously need to inflate our Ego, to continuously solicit gratification from others, and if this doesn’t happen, we are Unhappy. Each one of you is conscious of your own lives, your own history, and knows, and understands at what point in Evolution you find yourselves. What you must remember, is that if Evolution is lived with Humility, it cannot be fatiguing.
So we are used by Life and Evolution so that we can accomplish what we have been programmed for, to do what is inherent in our nature: we must use our talents. Not to demonstrate to ourselves how clever we are, but to use them to serve Life, who has allowed us to have them. Humility is a serene sky, a harmonious stream that flows, it is the absence of Fear. I am aware of this, but it cannot make me feel superior: it just makes me more aware. When I have the Awareness of being part of the Whole, I must have Humility, just like the cell that cannot decide on its own that it wants to be a different part of the body, or want more blood than it needs or should have.
Let us flow: in Fluidity there is absolutely everything. The Mind flows if it stops accusing, stops defending its own ideas, it lives them, and if I live my ideas and my beliefs and I am happy, then no one should be allowed to say that I am wrong, because how I live with my beliefs makes me happy. I must not affirm them to create a dialectic: I must live them with total Coherence. I must respect the beliefs of others who in the same way, live them with Coherence. If the other person is serene and Joyful, then it means that his way of living is right for him.
We have taken stock of the situation, but above all, we have understood what can make us feel good, what can change our view of Life: Humility. If we take stock of the situation from the human aspect, with our Ego, our personality, sometimes our Arrogance, we see a picture that could be disastrous, because there could be entire areas of our way of living that are wrong, that don’t work properly, and create problems for us all the time. However, if we take this aspect of the situation, and we do it with our Energy, with Humility and the Awareness of being part of the divine, the result is different. With Humility we understand what Life wants to teach us through the situations we have to face.
Through these events, if we deal with them with Awareness and Humility, we can really make our inner God radiant. I finish now with a wish for you all: after the full stop there is a line of vibrant, active and joyful exclamation marks, that are transformed into hands that hold you and draw you along the way. Let yourselves be drawn along: there is no danger in what Life wants from you, don’t try to stop it: watch the events, don’t ask for anything. Your must always be certain of one thing: Life is Love, we are Love, never forget this.



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