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Towards the Lightness of Being




What do we mean by Lightness?
The Lightness of being is not something you can learn, it is an integral, intrinsic part of the human being, it is something that must be re-discovered.
It is only the Mind, our society and what we have been taught, flowing in an incessant mental circuit, that weighs us down.
On the other hand, Lightness is the most natural thing that a human being can express.
Take the human body, even though very complex, it functions in an effortless way. Considering the complexity of all the functions of the human body, it still seems to work with great Lightness.
If nothing adverse happens to it, and its functions are not disrupted especially by stress, then everything works with Lightness, I would almost say Naturally.
To be Light is very different from being superficial.
To live with Lightness means to surrender, to understand that we are part of “something” that leads, permeates and helps us.
I wish to focus on the phrase” helps us” because often we forget that within us, we have a part that continuously permeates us and is ready to help us.
We are used to asking for help from the outside, saints, mediums, psychologists and friends. All people from external sources.
When we are clear about our being part of the divine, to be divine, then we begin to search within ourselves, and it is from within that we will receive help.
This leads us to a greater Lightness of being.
We should not put our Lives into the hands of others, not expect that other people support and help us, but understand that we are the only masters of our destiny.
However, this must all take place with an authentic profound Awareness, that the part that permeates us is active, that we have made it active.
The difference between a person who lives with their divine part active, and the person whose divine part is silent, is precisely the lack of clarity about who and what we are.
We must think of ourselves as part of the divine, that the divine is within us, that living the divine, we become divine ourselves.
This thought must make us feel safe and confident, this does not mean feel superior or ignore the difficulties of Life, but to know that our divine part will give us the tools to overcome difficulties.
Difficulties are an integral part of Life, and we must cope with them as lessons to be learnt, not as catastrophes or punishments: they are just lessons.
This is how it has to be if you want to live with Lightness.
Why do I insist so much on Lightness?
Because the Lightness of being is a synonym for fluidity.
Everything flows, Energy flows.
When does something negative happen to the human being?
When he interrupts the flow of Energy, when the Mind obstructs the flow of Energy.
We live in a period where speaking of Lightness can seem absurd, out of place, because this is a period where Life on Earth is very burdensome, but only to those that want to see it in this way.
Who has Awareness, must free oneself from the problems of Life, so that he can find a meaning to the problems, not to ignore them, but to fully understand them.
All the discontent, all that is happening NOW, is to make us think about our way of living, and we have to reconsider it with Lightness.
We must not be entrapped by those who try to discourage us, who want to see us distraught, because then we will disregard the divine within us.
The divine is the Life that flows, that constantly permeates us.
The Energy of the Universe flows through us all the time, through matter, and constantly interacts with our cells.
We can use this if we have Awareness, “exploit” it for our advantage; if we do not have this Awareness, we block the flow of the Energy, and continue to feel oppressed, because our Mind will only see what is troublesome surrounding us.


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