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Unity and Multiplicity Look with kindness..


Unity and Multiplicity Look with kindness on what is happening in the world, hide your fear for the fate of entire populations, NEVER think that the Love of God could abandon his children.
You are both children of God and parents of yourselves.
How is this possible?
It is possible because when we speak of the Whole we mean a unity made up of multiplicity.
As a unity, you are God, as a multiple of this unity, you are simply fragments of Energy populating the Whole.
Like a cell belonging to a body is made of numerous atoms, these vibrate at the correct frequency that is needed, to fulfill the role that Life has given them. In the same way, you are fragments of Energy that are part of the Whole, and automatically there is interaction between the fragments, but they remain a unity.
If you try to understand this with the scientific know-how you have today, the concept seems absurd, but it is easy to understand if put into the context of cosmic physics.
To be a unity allows us to respect the limits of this unity, we could say….the “borders” around the unity………BUT the unity is also the Whole, and therefore at a certain vibrational level, the “borders” are nullified, however they do form up again to be nullified by other vibrational levels.
Today you are suffering for the sorrow and damage that is being inflicted on the Earth, tomorrow all this suffering will make sense, it will seem just like a moment of pain followed by a long period of joy and serenity.

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