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Unity – Duality


You are Unity not Duality.
You cannot think of having “access to the high frequencies” and then “sink” to frequencies on a lower level when you have to deal with situations where a decision is needed. In reality it seems that you have to decide, but you should remember that the decision is already inserted into the situation, and only that decision must be made active.
The Divine design is perfect for all the Universe, and requires that everyone, really everyone must abide by what is functional to the overall design.
This is a complex argument that involves Freedom, the human Free Will.
There is no difference between your Freedom and the need to adhere to the divine design.
If you think carefully, they are the same because you are God and so you understand and work for the fulfillment of the divine design.
NOW we open a parenthesis: God is everything so EVERY human being is God.
God is everything and EVERY frequency.
Each one of you belong-or better still vibrate in EVERY dimension of the Whole.
On Earth there is the frequency suitable for a three dimensional planet.
However God cannot be reduced only to the earthly frequency, and therefore you as divine beings, vibrate in other dimensions where there are other frequencies.
Your actions always serve the divine plan, created and administered by GOD/YOU.
Many feel confused by these statements because it is more comforting to imagine that there is an “external” God who controls Life and our so-called destiny.
“External” to human beings are only the frequencies “lodged” in other dimensions, fragments of Energy “linked” to those vibrating on Earth.
These are complicated arguments that must not worry you, they should just stimulate a sense of “relativity” in how you think, and how you perceive yourselves.

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