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We are Part of the Whole


This is a fascinating voyage, to enter within ourselves, within our very essence, to understand how we are part of the Whole, and how we can get there.
There is no empty space within us: not on a physical level, because we are made up of elements, neither on an emotional level because we are combination of emotions, sensations and perceptions.
Neither is there emptiness on the mental level, because we rarely stop thinking.
We believe that all this belongs to us, and that we “produce” it, but this is not true: it isn’t ours, instead it is part of something we can already define as the Whole.
What we are made up of on a material level is an aggregation of elements that we have in common with Nature, so we are Nature. The emotions and perceptions we have are collective, because they are shaped by other individuals, events and sensations that others generate in us, and by our reactions to certain situations.
Thoughts are only ours through our capacity to “get” them from the Whole.
Thoughts are part of the Whole: the Whole is truly intelligent matter. These thoughts have different frequencies, as they are made of vibrations, and we attract them according to our ability to deal with them.
It is unlikely that philosophical or speculative thoughts cross the mind of a simple person, because these thoughts are not necessary. This person has no need of them, so in tune with Nature’s economy – which is perfect – this person does not attract them.
Sometimes we have unpleasant, irritating thoughts which disturb us, and propel us onto a dangerous course; “ Whatever am I thinking about….” and we identify ourselves with that thought, up to the point of ruining our lives.
We have to understand that the mechanism is always the same: we have attracted that thought because it is part of the Whole, but in the Whole there is both that thought, and its opposite.
Why have I attracted that thought in particular?
Why do I let my Life be conditioned NOW by that thought?
Why am I becoming that thought?
It is just because I had forgotten the Love I should have for myself, and without Love, I have attracted a “negative” thought, even if beside it there was also a “positive” one. So as I have descended into a lower vibration, and have entered on a pessimistic path, of fear, anxiety and of low self esteem, I have attracted the negative thought.
How can I neutralize all this?
How can I return to a positive thought, to the ability I have within me to take only what is positive from the Whole?
It is very simple: with Humility. Feeling part of the Whole.
Silencing my Ego, and my Mind. Trying hard to Love and accept myself, and above all, always remembering that I am a creature immersed in a Universe of Love.
We can call it obscure matter, emptiness, the Whole…..but in any case the vibration is of Love. This is the vibration of the positive, of Evolution, it is the vibration that moves the Universe, the Earth, our cells.
When Love is lacking, the cell becomes sick.
I am not speaking of abstract Love, but of the real vibration of Love, the frequency of Love.

It has now been understood that illnesses have predominantly a psychological origin: through stress, lack of self esteem, fear, anxiety and the never ending wanting, wanting, wanting, that stresses our physical state and manifests itself in illness.
Illness as an evolutive moment, as a moment of self awareness, as a time to reflect on our true essence.
Why is it important for us to go beyond ourselves to arrive at the Whole? Because when we have accepted the fact that we are made up of elements, the same elements that all Nature has, we begin to feel at one with Nature: not just me, but me and Nature as part of the Whole.
When we accept that our emotions and sensations are linked to other people, often suggested and provoked by them, then they are not exclusively ours. We may deal with them, but the sensation and emotion comes from the Whole.
Then we have taken another step forward, and we feel even more part of the Whole.
When we accept that we are not the author of the thought, but we are able to attract it, so it is not ours because we have formulated it, we have simply chosen it, we must understand why we have chosen precisely that thought.
In the first phase, when the vibration is still very “low”, when our self awareness is still rather superficial, we can believe that we have attracted the thought because it is the result of our mental activity, produced by our desire to understand, to have and to want it.
When however our vibrational level rises, when we have learned to accept ourselves with Love, then we understand that being part of the Whole, the Whole lovingly interacts with us, and therefore it is the Whole that offers us that thought, because within us we have succeeded in connecting to the Whole.
We are made up of vibrations and frequencies: frequencies on the matter/material level hold our bodies together; emotional frequencies are on the psyche level; and frequencies on the spiritual level are related to our most elevated Energy.
When we are able to activate these last Energies, to be aware of them and that we are also Spirit, then we can interact with the Whole on a very high level. Thus our needs do not come from the material or emotional part of us, but from the Energetic part, the part that knows that the purpose of every human being is Evolution, and to find Harmony within us.
So let us try to gain entry to these high frequencies which are the patrimony of everyone.
The human being is a divine being: within the human being are the divine codes, we all have the divine part in our DNA.
We need to make an effort not to attribute to the divine, all those characteristics given to us by the various religions, but simply see the divine as a spiritual part, like the Spirit, like the Energy that animates the Universe, at the highest frequency that we are able to comprehend, because we are anyway individuals that live in a material world made up of 3-4 dimensions.
To go beyond this idea we have of ourselves, leads us to expand our vision of the Universe, to understand that universal Forces flow through us, permeate us. When we have accepted this we are happy to let ourselves be conditioned by these Forces. It is not the stupid conditioning by those looking for power, but a conditioning of Love, from those who want humanity to be saved, who really wants that humanity becomes Aware of being part of the Whole, an important part that cannot fail it’s purpose of Salvation.

The Universe, the Whole is there: every time we have a negative thought or doubt, when we are frightened, let us remember that this is restricted only to one part of us. We can deal with this by being aware that we are part of the Whole, and asking the Whole for help.
To ask God for help means asking the most elevated part that is within us, so let’s ask: activate yourselves, let yourselves be permeated and conditioned by the Whole, don’t resist.
We must feel fluid, completely at the mercy of the Whole.
It is a different way of living, it’s a new Paradigm that is emerging on Earth.
There has always been this, but it has been the patrimony of only a few, while NOW it is the patrimony of many.
Let us work together so that it is the patrimony of everyone.


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