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We are the Instruments of Evolution


Let us find a profound tranquil place within us then, as the first image visualize a desk.
Our first image is a desk full of papers, and untidy documents: we immediately notice a great confusion.
As we observe it we are overcome by tiredness, because we have to do all that work.
Now annul the image, and we see another desk.
There is a vase of flowers, it is tidy and bright, and on it there is just one sheet of paper.
We go to see what is written on it: just one word, “NOW”
We look around: there are shelves, files in order and on every file is written “Finished”
This is the future.
One step at a time, we must be able to deal with, what Life has already dealt with, the situations that are right for our Evolution and that of others.
When we live NOW, we are perfect instruments that Life is using.
We have put ourselves at the service of Evolution.
There is no Anxiety or Fear, even of the future, because we know what we must do NOW.
In the NOW, we must give the best of ourselves, bring out the best part, our talents.
What we must not bring out is our Ego, our Egocentrism, the desire to be better than the others.
We must feel as microcosms, human beings, citizens, who inhabit the Universe, but more than this, we are energetic beings, and as such, we must allow the Energy within us, to guide us.
We each have our own clearly defined tasks, each one of us is used by Life in the best way.
Our responsibility is to recognize that our only duty is to express this best part.
Comparing ourselves with others is a way of trying to improve ourselves, not being assailed by feelings of inferiority or jealousy or even to desire to intimidate others.
Through others we can see our own limits, our good points and those not so good!
The objective is always the same: give the best of ourselves, within the limits of what we are.
Life is uniting ever more people: joining the individual(microcosm) to other individuals, to make a group that unites with other groups and so on, until a macrocosm is formed.
This is only possible with people who want to share and collaborate.
In sharing your own ideas, your own knowledge and intuitions, you lose nothing, you enrich yourselves from the ideas of others, and are not defrauded of your own.
This is what Collaboration means.
This will all be normal in the future; the vibration of Competition will come to a standstill.
In the beginning this mechanism will still regard groups of people, not all humanity, but these groups will have such a strong Force that they will be able to bring Competition to a halt.
If you are a privileged person, you will need to give even more, and rein in your Ego to immerse yourself in Collaboration.
Soon, solutions completely unexpected, and sometimes dramatic will be seen; committing yourselves to achieving 10, you will receive 1000, because through Collaboration everything is amplified.
Each one of you must be aware of being an instrument of Evolution.
I insist on this point because with Awareness, we no longer have Fear and Anxiety if the time does not meet our expectations, if the answer does not arrive when we expected it, but if we are convinced that we are instruments, then we know that time and answers will come when it is the right moment.
This commitment, because this is what it is – to never forget to act as an instrument and not with our Ego, this commitment must be lived with Lightness and Relativity.
Life guides us, and the objective is not always clear, the pathway not so certain, but the certainty that must animate us is this alone: Life knows what is right for us.
Lightness and Relativity help us not to take ourselves too seriously, help us not to be rooted in our ideas, and deaf to the advice and suggestions from others.
Lightness and Relativity make Life flow more smoothly.
These vortexes that are getting closer, that are uniting are not colliding: who adheres to the New Paradigm has no part of the collision, because they belong to that part of humanity which is creating.
There will be collisions for those left in the Old Paradigm: one against another.
We need to ignore these conflicts, keep at a distance, without taking sides, or hope that one system or side will win. We must stay anchored in our way of seeing things: Collaboration and Sharing.
It is an impetuous movement, that of the vortexes, it began a long time ago, and NOW is manifesting itself.
It has been started by the desire for change and improvement, by the vital Forces of Evolution that wants humanity to be saved.
In conflict everyone loses.
With Collaboration everyone wins.
Share your ideas, do not be afraid of other people, they will enrich you; giving others your ideas takes nothing away from you, because they will return to you, complete and more beautiful.
There is no Egoism in Sharing and Collaborating.
Let the days to come flow with great Serenity: do not take part in conflicts, be aware of them, but do not take sides, because they do not belong to you. Conflict in your work place, your family, in society, at any level is not good for anyone; keep your distance from this Infighting.
Let Sharing and Collaboration rise up in you.
The only risk at this moment could be an overcrowding of situations; these vortexes that unite could create a certain confusion, because there is confrontation between the many projects that unite, and a moment of disorientation could occur.
If MY project, My idea, My action is not privileged, then peace and order return, but not if the Ego insists on thinking how much I have worked on the project, that is NOW being confronted with another similar one, and this other one could “win”
I must adhere, because this person has used my hard work, and the vibrations I have emitted through it.
Here we say again, that in Collaboration and Sharing, there is no Egoism.
Joy can be found by Collaborating together because in this way we obtain results, that on our own, are very difficult to have
Expect really great surprises, because in situations that seemed insurmountable and without a solution, you will suddenly find one that is new, different and it will be good for everyone.
Your actions must be accompanied by Joy, Lightness and Relativity.
Joy that you are participating in an exceptional, historical period, in an incredible possibility for humanity, so improve yourselves and overcome Competition and Conflict to finally embrace Sharing, Collaboration and Harmony.

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