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We Honest Egoists

Today let us talk about a topic we have discussed before, but has Not been sufficiently Examined in depth: the Honest Egoism.
We are going to talk about it again because, gradually as the Earth Evolves and the Vibrations of the New are established in a Way that is Stronger and more Perceptible, Egoism is frequently “Stigmatised”
For many Centuries, the Accusation of Egoism has been used as a Weapon of Blackmail, so that the Human Being could not express himself completely.
Making the Individual feel an Egoist when he expresses Himself, when he does What he feels right, when he adheres to his Self, creates an Individual Insecure, whose Personal Confidence is founded on Social Conditioning, Conforming to Rules: a Human Being who lives on the Fringes of his True Ability and does not have the Courage to express himself Fully.
Many Individuals do not know themselves, and don’t even want to, because they feel within them Compulsions, Sensations, Impulses that they do not consider Worthy of Being Lived as they do Not Synchronise with what Society wants, appreciates and considers of value.
They are unsuitable Human Beings, who anyway are part of Humanity.
Humanity is Part of the Divine, forming a Single Body: Each one of Us is a Cell of that Body that Needs Healthy Cells to Function,
Therefore, Within the Human being there cannot be Something that is not Worth living or experimented, but it is Society that has Decided for Everyone, what is right or not right for us.
Clearly within the Individual there could be also Brutal Impulses and Even homicidal, that do not benefit one’s Wellbeing, but the
Human Being’s task is to know himself not to repress himself.
So it is Necessary that Each Individual autonomously decides what he wants to Manifest and What he does Not want to live.
Not for Fear that Others can voice a Negative Judgement towards Him, but simply because Personally and with Full Responsibility
He decides that a certain part of Himself is not to be experienced.
When we speak of an Honest Egoism, we begin to free the Individual of a Series of Shackles and Restraints that restrict him.
When at last the Individual expresses Himself fully, he discovers in Himself, Potentials that he did not even suspect.
He lives all His Inner Beauty, His Ability to Be, and automatically attracts to his Life the Situations that permit him to really express Himself to the full.
We must not be afraid of Our Honest Egoism, because This is innate in Us.
It is that Egoism that tells us Not to suffer when Others suffer, not to Empathise with the Pain of Others, because this is not the way to Help those that suffer.
If we put Ourselves on the same level as those who suffer and We suffer too, we are of No Help, No Solution, we even intensify the Pain already in the World.
All the Humanity that Empathises with the Pain, creates a painful suffering Humanity.
We must not feel Guilty if looking at the Pain of Others we feel Sorry and Pity for them, but we must continue with Our Own Lives in a Serene Way, Sometimes even Joyful.
This is what Life is asking from Us, Precisely to compensate for Who in this Moment cannot Live Joyfully because in the Grip of Pain.
Sooner or later it may happen that we too can Suffer, then we must call on Our Resources to Face it.
When however it does not touch Us Personally, we must not ruin our Lives if Others suffer.
This is a Concept that sounds “Unsympathetic” and could be judged as Egoism, but it is definitely an absolutely Natural Concept.
Think what the World would be like with All of Humanity suffering!
Each one of Us is a Means for the Other, and when we see a person suffer, the Instinct tells Us to Help, but we must be careful, sensitive and cautious, because often Our Help doe not Benefit the Needs of the Other.
You do not give the Other a Way to understand why he finds himself in that Situation of Pain or Distress.
You do not allow Him to find his Own way of dealing with the Problem, with the Pain: you do not give him the Chance of releasing His Inner Strength which will give him the Solution.
Regarding the Others we must feel “Means” that Life uses us to Comfort them.
If Life intends to use us, it will give us All the Instruments Necessary so that the Comfort is real, tangible and have an Effect.
If instead Life does not use Us for that Purpose, we must not think the Person will be Abandoned, because other Means will be used.
Caution is Imperative anyway, because Many of Us try to Help in an Impulsive Way: we want to take over the Other’s Event, We want to be the one to find the Solution, and we almost want to act in their Place.
We must be cautious and understand that the Only honest Way to help the Other is to give our Availability to Life to be used as a Means in this Situation, and then all will go in the Right Way.
If Life does not use Us, we must not Despair, because anyway, the Person will not be abandoned: Life is there for Everyone.
Each one of Us must freely elaborate Our Own Problems: only when we have understood why we have them on Our Life, can we ask for Help also from Others, in a suitable, honest Way.
Sometimes the Solution can also pass Through Others, but it must be Life that uses them as a Means.
To be cautious does not mean to be disinterested and not participate, but in participating in another’s Suffering, we should have Great Respect, and with Respect also the Awareness that we cannot make that Suffering Ours, because Life has not given it to Us.
We are suffering Only “ by Reflection” and by Reflection, we indirectly Reflect.

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