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Welcoming the New Energy

Let us welcome the New Energy that is spreading through the Earth and permeating all our Cells, in the most compatible way possible.
In order that this Energy can give us the most Sustenance, first of all it is necessary that it is “recognised.
But how does one recognise something about which we have no Information?
Simply by acknowledging that it exists, and therefore our Behaviour – but above all our Feelings – are permeated with the New Energy.
No one is exempted.
There is the human being able to perceive it and therefore live it, and also he who perceives it but refuses it, or the person who cannot perceive it but is permeated all the same.
What makes the Difference?
The Difference depends on the vibrational level of every human being.
To know that there already exists a New Energy, and therefore Energy is evolving, and that Evolution is rapidly advancing precisely through this New Energy, must make the individual more attentive and participate in this event.
The New Energy passes through even those who have no idea of what it is, and are not in Harmony with this Vibration and this Frequency, that then passes onwards. The actual fact of being “touched” creates in the individual a different Predisposition to perceive the New, because this New Energy brings new Ideas, new Ways of living, new existential Parameters.
Humanity needs a Change. it wants it and desires it urgently. This Change is necessary otherwise without it the Human Race would be destroyed.
Undoubtedly it will not be destroyed for there is a Multitude of people who believe in Change and are taking the necessary steps to live it. They neither refuse or fear the Stimulus that it generates, and do everything to activate them in a concrete way.
Who allows himself to be permeated by the New Energy and is aware of something different, but refuses it for fear of being destabilised, of having to change his way of thinking, who perceives the “Disturbance” that could bring “innovation” into his Life, but sees it as dangerous, like an Attempt to destabilise what he has already achieved, so refuses it completely, and so doing creates an Obstruction on an energetic level.
Who is unaware, anyway will be subjected to some impact from the New Energy, and if there is a refusal, there will be a cessation: when it is refused, the New Energy ceases.
This cessation extends to the Old Energy as well, and this is “dangerous” for the individual who will find himself destabilised and no longer master of himself, of his Emotions and Feelings: he refuses what he feels within him for Fear of that urge towards the New and Different that frightens him so much.
There are so many people who are frightened of abandoning the old Methods, but the Energy does not stop in front of this: it ceases temporarily, but always ready to start again.
Just a small Recognition from the human being – a state of Confusion or Doubt – and the New Energy will make itself felt with new innovative solutions, and oblige the individual to acquiesce.
Whereas the person who feels the new impulse, welcomes it, and embraces it with Lightness, Curiosity and Gratitude towards Life which is offering it to him, will have incredible Results, because this Energy creates and overturns Situations, and has within it the Solutions and not the Problems.
The advice I wish to give you is not to shut the Door on these new “Disturbances”, to welcome them with Caution – if you do not feel sure – allowing them to settle within you, but without rejecting them or being afraid.
Life that is based on the old Schemes, on the old Logic is by now obsolete, it is time to move on.
All Society is asking for a profound change, one that will put the human being at the centre of everything.
No longer the interests of the few, but those of all people.
It is in the Interest of the individuals of the whole world to live in Peace, in Harmony, without Conflict, without Threats, without Fear, without Pressure, to have the Time to understand, to express their Gifts, and to reach out towards each other as Brothers.
The whole World is yearning for Peace, Stability and the Search for the true meaning of Life.
To Search for the true Meaning of Life becomes difficult when our daily life is overwhelmed by contingent Needs, when our rushing from one place to another is aimed only to fix economical Situations, or to present our Ego in a certain way, or to reach
Levels of Appearance which need great commitment.
Wait for this Energy with Curiosity, search for it, be Aware that it exists and can be yours at the exact Moment you are in tune with it.
To do this, and I repeat again – do not refuse what you feel as a new “Disturbance” within you, a new way of seeing things, a new Acquisition of Facts that up to now you maybe deciphered in a different way, and NOW you perceive them with new eyes, in a way that makes them so clear.
It is the Energy that is making Lucidity in you.
Welcome it with great Love, with Curiosity, Lightness and the Humility to feel yourself a Cell in a Splendid body.

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