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Relax your mind with an extremely positive thought: Life is wonderful.
This is an Affirmation that we must always keep in mind, even in the darkest Moments, particularly in those Moments, because it is precisely then that Life is teaching us something.
In those Moments we must not feel the Fatigue, just the Joy to learn something.
Life is wonderful because it leads us to continuous Revelations principally regarding ourselves.
To focus on is not Egoism but simply the only wise Way to live.
We must almost be moved to know that we are part of the Cosmos, of the Universe, of the Divine.
We must value ourselves, honour and love ourselves as Part of the Universe that has an extremely important Assignment: to contribute to the Evolution.
This cannot happen unless we give our willingness to Life to be used for the purpose of Evolution.
The first Step to take is to really Love ourselves, precisely because we have chosen this Earthly journey we have decided to have this Experience on Earth already knowing that we will arrive in a turbulent Moment, where Society is expressing Values that must be overcome, in a Moment of Change, of conflict and even of Suffering.
We already knew about this, the Moment we decided to make this journey.
Realising this must make us feel great Tenderness, Love and also Pride towards ourselves because when we decided to come down on Earth, already knowing ”seeing” and “feeling” the Difficulties awaiting us, we have foreseen that there was also the Possibility to carry out this Journey in the best way, emerging Victorious.
We must be proud of ourselves because the Era we have chosen for this journey is full of Difficulties.
There are two powerful Forces that are the Motor of the entire Universe: Love and Humility.
Love without Humility is not Love, and Humility without Love is not Humility, it is simply lack of self-esteem.
Humility permeated with Love is an explosive Force that opens all the Doors of Knowledge, it allows us to understand even that which is obscure and places it in the right Course to let us move on.
We must always remember that we have chosen our Journey, and it is always us who attract the Events in our Life.
We are truly central to ourselves.
Therefore this Insistence to concentrate on yourselves must not be seen as a Form of Egoism, or the exclusion of others, but as a synonym of Wisdom: everything must come from me, because I am the Motor of all that happens to me, I am the one that attracts the Situations.
The superior Part of me, my Energy knows the Journey I must take, the Experiences I need, so if I concentrate on myself, if I have Self-esteem, if I love myself and proud of my Choices, all becomes flowing, uncomplicated, and Life is simplified.
Distrust the Mind when it leads you to distorted Reasoning, when in all the Situations, it leads you to search carefully, and with Tenacity only the negative Part making you feel a Victim, the Part which makes you blame others, the Part that exonerates you from certain Responsibilities.
Distrust this Mechanism that leads you nowhere.
Instead you must Welcome within you the Certainty that, as you are Part of Life, you are inviolable, and that any Situation will contain within it the Solution.
As Part of Life, you will not be asked an extreme Sacrifice or a Heavy load to carry, you will simply be asked to live in the best way possible, and to give the best of yourself.
So that this happens in a continuous way and not sporadically, you must have a profound knowledge of yourselves, also in those Corners that seem to you as jarring, dark and twisted: you must recognise and accept them.
Improve them where you can, and accept them when you cannot.
Maybe they are Aspects that cannot be improved, and maybe there are the others, the Society that pushes you towards improving them, to change your Way of Being, but if these Corners still resist Change after all your Work, it just means they are really yours, not negative Aspects but simply your Characteristics.
If they are only judged negatively by others and Society, you must welcome them as Part of you because they are difficult Corners, complex features that often completely elude your Understanding.
They manifest themselves continuously, and despite all the external Insistence to change them, improve or eliminate them, they resist. You must then welcome that Part profoundly within you, because it is your Characteristic and you must defend it.
It is not a Part that could hurt others unless your Intention is to do just that.
Accepting that Part you totally accept yourself, and in this way flow with Life in a complete way.
Not everything in Life is how we would wish it to be, and not everything corresponds to Society’s rules.
In Life there is everything and the opposite of everything, and if we carry a Part “contrary” to what Society imposes, we defend this Part, because negative or positive Parts do not exist in absolute.
If we live this Aspect so “particular” in our own way, following the suggestions from our Instinct, defending ourselves from external Attacks and Pressure to Change that are always forced on us by others we can do something really great for ourselves: to be ourselves unconditionally, and love ourselves including that Part which is not subject to the approval of the others.


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