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When Time Standstill

When it seems that time standstill, and nothing is happening, that Evolution has stopped and apparently there is no movement within us towards progress, then we must reflect that as we are three dimensional creatures, we need time and space.
When we speak of Energy and Awareness, we are talking of the Cosmic Forces that have neither time nor space, and are not measured as more/ less, here/there, before/after. They are measured only with the intensity of the vibration and frequency.
Why is there a time when nothing happens?
Just because everything has already happened, and so there is a great quantity of information that must be metabolized by the Energy, otherwise it would be dispersed.
It is a cycle of consolidation of all that has been obtained previously. ( here I speak of before and after only to avoid confusion).
The most important moment for the Energy is when nothing happens.
By that I mean that when everything happens and situations and events follow on incessantly, and your emotions are in a whirlwind, you do nothing but reply to the received information, and emit frequencies. All this needs to pass into the energetic nucleus to be assimilated and “metabolized” Until this happens, there is no need for more information.
This is the moment when you must leave the Energy to do what is necessary, you are not wasting time.
This is the moment when you can relax, enjoy doing little things, or absolutely nothing with an empty mind.
If you do this you don’t stimulate the Energy to take on more information, and allow it to fix the new information acquired.
Then a new tumultuous period will begin.
This is a natural cycle just as it happens in Nature.
Life is Evolution, if it was static it would be dead.
You need to perceive it as a cell in the body of Evolution.
It is natural therefore that there are cycles, like the leaf that falls and then grows again, the seed that is planted and germinates.
Microcosm and Macrocosm, it is all natural.
However to force situations when a pause is necessary, (and with free will it is possible), makes everything so confused and exhausting, that in the end you feel that it is useless.

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