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Where are we going?


Where are we going?
This is a question we often ask ourselves now: we have a type of society that is incoherent, that is unable to satisfy the needs of its citizens, a society that rules the all against everything, and everyone in opposition to everyone else.
We cannot see any area that can be considered stable and coherent, because really everything now is put to the test, if not to a a complete disintegration.
We must not however become depressed by these considerations, because if we pay greater attention, if we try to listen to ourselves more, if we allow the desire for the new, for change, for the peace we all aspire to, we can find these in many other people.
Above all we will find them in people who actively, in a practical, coherent way, do their best so that these desires are not just Utopian, but become Reality.
For example, there are many business men, groups and individual citizens that really work for a change, and inspire themselves and others with the desire to change, and most of all, do something to achieve it.
Change cannot happen unless we do something about it.
Change does not happen automatically or be forcibly imposed by someone; it must come from a desire, an interior urging that leads us to show, in our activities and behavior, our longing for change.
Change is possible – I would say extremely possible – because it is an inherent part of Evolution these continuous alternating periods of darkness and enlightenment.
We need the dark periods to make us reflect, to put a stop to the Mind that must not continuously think about material situations, or exaggerated ambitions, but can help us to think about the meaning of Life, and mostly because they provoke in us a great weariness.
At this moment, many of you have not even got the strength to think, and believe that it is impossible to do something, precisely because even you have become too tired even to think.
To this I say: thinking has its merits, but there is little merit in wallowing in your fatigue.
Tiredness could be the moment to lead you to reflect, but then you must do more, be active and feel responsible for your own destiny.
What we are accountable for, cannot be delegated to others.
Try to be very open-minded at this moment, try to think that it is really useless to try to reform what is old, what has led to this fatigue, something so complex, distorted, absurd, so distant from the logic that the human race should be able to live, that it does not even deserve our attention any more.
Have the courage to think with a new Paradigm, with a new will power: put Collaboration and Cooperation in your lives, abandon Competition, try to feel united in the service of Evolution, adhere to the change of the Paradigm that is already in the air, that exists and shows itself in many ways, even if you have to face a lot of resistance, because the old Paradigm is very well known, although it has not produced the fruit it promised, it is nonetheless a certainty, while the new could be frightening.
In whatever area of your Lives, keep within yourselves the desire for change.
Do not despair if your work is not the same, if your affections are not the same, if your way of seeing, perceiving Reality is changing, just only try not to change in a pessimistic way, try to analyze the real situation, but put Utopia within this Reality.
Utopia that must become Reality.
If many people believe in Utopia, it will become a Reality.
One person cannot make Utopia become Reality, but a mass of individuals can.
Let us take advantage of this situation of confusion, of pain, of uncertainty, and let Utopia emerge from within us.
Give it strength, space, appreciation, and put our trust in Life that knows where it must lead us; do not obstruct its flow and remain anchored to the old Paradigm that has only produced unsatisfactory Realties.
We deserve better.
We deserve to live in a divine way.
We deserve to make of this Earth, the Kingdom of Heaven



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