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Which Reality?


To be quiet and in tune with yourselves, helps you to evaluate the events that Life offers you in a more favorable way.
When you are out of touch with your interior self, there is a risk of distorting Reality.
Reality: it is a huge word.
There is no univocal Reality but many perceptions of it, as many as there are human beings.
Every human being interprets his own Reality, and this is normal: each one of us puts into the event what he knows, what he is, his own certainties and social education.
The most evident example of this is always that of the bottle half full: there are those who see it half full and those who see it half empty.
This is how it is for all the Realities you are asked to live and evaluate.
The individual makes his choices and his relationships with others based on perceived Reality.
It must always be remembered that Life, our splendid Teacher, puts the individual in contact with all that is useful for his Evolution.
So we must never refuse the events, and not neglect to evaluate all that surrounds us, however while drawing conclusions, and understanding the Reality in the event, we must bear in mind that it is our Reality that we have analyzed, understood and used.
Now the successive phrase takes over, confrontation with other people and their Reality.
In this phase we have the opportunity of reinforcing our own Reality, or to modify it as a consequence of impressions coming from other Realities.
To let yourself be “contaminated” is not a sign of weakness, but of a great maturity.

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