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Living for others, “stealing” experiences that are not ours, forcing decisions of others … all this puts us in the wake of the negative energy of Sympathy.

The positive vibe is different: it means presenting ourselves to others in order to feed ourselves.
Those who don’t understand the purpose of Life often confuse this attitude with Selfishness: evolving yourself at an individual level and thereby contributing to the Evolution of the whole humanity.
Living with passion is an important goal for Energy, because when you share experiences with others, you will get a greater benefit if you let yourself be permeated with Passion.
The mechanism must be fully understood in its linearity, and then implemented in a “personal” way according to your personal energy needs.
Let me explain.
When we reach out to another person, sharing thoughts, actions and events, we must always clearly understand what Life – by sharing with the other – is teaching at that time.
In order to understand this clearly you must clarify one aspect: Life is giving that event to me or to the other person?
Am I the recipient of the event or just the supporting actor called upon by the recipient, or even by my Ego that wants to be involved?
After this first and necessary clarification, passion can and must spring forth. I mean the positive passion, not the negative one.
I DON’T have to take possession of the event, I DON’T have to abuse my power, I DON’T have to make the other think and act as I want.
I just have to observe and give advice if I am asked, acting only when Life gives me the appropriate means and if my deep instinct says my involvement is right.
Being sympathetic is laudable if you don’t judge and you don’t force the reactions of the other.
Moreover, I declare my willingness to share feelings, but I also affirm the principle that I cannot abuse my power on other people’s feelings.
I just acknowledge it.
The Passion inherent in Compassion can be experienced in different ways, in relation to the power of our energy.
If we are still looking for stability and inner harmony, we will be inclined to be sympathetic to the extreme and to give all our Compassion to the other person: we want to look for answers “on the outside” in order to achieve inner stability.
This way can work if we don’t make other people use it.
But when Harmony and energetic stability are within us, we will just observe and be sympathetic without trying to take action for others.
Living Life with Passion is the preparation of living with Love.
In Love you can find every single vibe, and therefore Compassion as well, and everything will be lived in a positive way as the virtues of Love strengthens the positive and annuls the negative.
Let’s ponder on the fine line –that we are asked to receive– between acting with positive Compassion or Egoism, and the attention-seeking behavior disguised as Sympathy.


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